Acoustic & Electroacoustic Design for Horacio Lavandera's Piano performance
Project / Proyecto    

This time Performances and Classic Music Spectacles in Argentina took the big step.

NorDelta Magazine and NorDelta Foundation called us to get the best Classical Music spectacle artistic production.

The challenge was to make a Piano Classical concert with a great Piano sound, wide acoustic image, with natural ad nice reverb, high intelligibillity and Clarity, uniform SPL into the "hall", high dynamic range, no compression, very low distortion, no delays or reflections, sharp source localization, for 1000 people with great visuals.

Can a tent sound correctly for a Piano Performance? More than that, for Horacio Lavandera's Performance?

Forms, Surfaces, Speaker system, Sound Power, Coverage, Inteligibility, Auralization and more predictions were used to assure the best sound experience achievable.

Also, with an astonishing Light Design made by Ernesto Bechara (LD) Ingenierí turn a simple tent into a GREAT Auditorium for an unforgettable night.

The crew included JB Sonido, Daniel Osorio from Nexo and Ernesto Bechara as Lightning Designer.

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